Specialized Behaviour Supports

What Are Specialized Behaviour Services?

Situations arise when an individual may be experiencing high risk behaviour, greatly interfering with their quality of life.  An in-depth analysis may be required to provide a more effective plan for reducing behaviour and mitigating risk.

We specialize in providing Behaviour Consultative services for complex, high risk behaviour.  We have experience working with individuals with various challenges including:

  • aggression
  • property destruction
  • self-injury
  • sexualized behaviour

Our Behaviour Consultants works with families, group homes, and community partners (hospital, service agencies, schools) through consultation.  The primary focus is train all those involved to implement the Behaviour Support Plan for a consistent and effective approach.  

Service includes a comprehensive assessment, development of a Behaviour Support Plan, coaching and training, and program evaluation.

Let's See How Specialized Behaviour Supports Can Help Your Family

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