Frequently Asked Questions

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We've complied a list of the most commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers. If there is something you were wondering that isn't answered here or on our website, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to answer!

Do you have a wait list?

We are pleased to say, the wait for our services is typically only 1-3 months.  The wait may be longer for services outside of the Hamilton area.

What if my child does not have an ASD diagnosis?

We provide services to children and adults with all disabilities.  Although we specialize in autism, we have experience providing service to individuals with a range of disabilities.  

Do you offer centre-based services?

Yes, we offer centre-based services in our brand new centre!  

Do you offer group services?

Yes, we offer group services focusing on developing social and communication skills.

Is there a difference between ABA & IBI Therapy?

ABA is the science of behaviour change grounded in years of research.  IBI refers to the level of intensity of therapy, between 25 to 40 hours per week.  

How many team members will be part of my child's therapy?

Your child's team will consist of 1-3 ABA Therapists, depending on the number of therapy hours your child is receiving each week. ABA Therapists implement the ABA programs.  Your team also includes a Senior Therapist who is responsible for staff training, program development, evaluation of your child's progress as well as family and community collaboration.  The Clinical Supervisor oversees your child's therapy program.

How will you work on social goals if you're providing therapy in my home?

Social skills are key goals in an ABA program. We encourage outings to places we will find other children, such as day camps, parks, libraries, daycare centres, and extra-curricular activities.  We will attend outings with your child to help develop social goals.  Our centre-based program also provides opportunities for developing social skills.

Is home-based therapy possible if I work full-time?

Absolutely! we will provide services in the home when parents are not at home after considering all risks and benefits.  We will not drive your child in our vehicle, however we will pick up or drop off at school or day care if it is within walking distance to your home.  We want to simplify the therapy process and work with you to fit it into your busy life.

Can my child still receive services if they are in school?

Of course. Many of our clients attend school and participate in therapy sessions. We will assess the benefits of all environments and offer recommendations on the most effective therapy/school balance.  

How do I access government funding to help with cost?

You will need to self-refer to the Ontario Autism Program, or have another professional refer on your behalf.  You will be placed on a wait list for funding. Please refer to the Ministry of Child and Youth Services website for more information on the referral process.

Are your services covered under health benefits?

They may be. Some health benefits providers cover ABA services provided by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.  

How many hours per week are needed?

The needs of your child change over time.  All clinical recommendations are based on assessment and data.  A higher number of hours is typically recommended for children who have never received ABA services.  

Have a question that isn't answered here?

We're always happy to answer any question you have about how this process works.

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